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I. About the Competition

The Silver Archer USA AWARDS were established by the Board of Trustees of the Silver Archer National Award for Public Relations in the category «Communications in a Global World.» The focus of this independent contest is on projects implemented in the United States.

The objective of the Silver Archer USA AWARDS is to highlight projects that expand intergovernmental, cultural, economic and social ties, aimed at furthering Russia’s integration into the global communication space. The list of categories is drawn up annually. Winners receive an original Silver Archer statuette and a diploma. The authors of the best projects are awarded diplomas. There is no monetary remuneration.

All registered participants in the Competition are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony, held at the end of January. The winners are given an opportunity to present their projects and to have them published in the «50 Best Projects of the Silver Archer National Award» book.


II. Participation in the Competition

The Competition is open to:

  • Projects implemented with the involvement of Russian and/or foreign companies aimed at developing cross-national, cultural, economic, social and ethnic ties;
  • Projects focused on integrating Russia into the global communication space;
  • Projects implemented in the interests of Russia in one or more foreign countries;
  • Projects that bring global experience, technology, and knowledge to the field of Russian communications, implemented by foreign experts and companies in Russia.


  • Culture, Education
  • Charity
  • Business, technology, innovation
  • Means of communication (newspapers, magazines, websites, radio, television)
  • Individual (for personal contributions to the development of Russia-U.S. communications)

The categories are revised annually

Project statement

Тhe description of the project may be in Russian and/or English.

Information must be arranged in strict accordance with the headers (no more than 10 pages):

  • Name of the project
  • Author or authors
  • Client (Customer)
  • Time frame(projects must be implemented in the current year)
  • Problematics
  • Target audiences
  • Goals and tasks
  • Communication strategy
  • Tactics, creative solutions
  • Hands-on activities
  • Result (budget and performance)

The project may be accompanied by additional materials. For example, photos, videos, press clippings, print layouts, souvenir models, etc.


Registration is carried out using the special form on the http://luchnik.ru/luchnik_usa/registration/ homepage or under the Silver Archer USA tab.

On filling out the registration form, the Participant receives (via the specified email address) a copy of the form and a link to My Account, where the complete project description, photo/video applications, and presentations should be uploaded. The weight of each file cannot exceed 10 MB.

Uploaded information is published in the closed online voting system, which is accessible only to members of the Expert Council.

Registration information is published on the website in the «Members» section and in the Booklet with brief summary of the projects (distributed at the Awards Ceremony). All data is publicly available.

All registered participants in the Competition are eligible to attend the Awards Ceremony and the Winners' Reception (two representatives per project).

Those wishing to participate in the Awards Ceremony and the Winners’ Reception must be entered in the guest list at least two weeks before the date of the ceremony, with a remittance of $25 per person.

III. Competition Dates

September 15 - February 15 - registration of participants

February 15 - expert judgement

February - publication of the author`s list, who will present his project on the Award ceremony

March - presentation of the best projects, Award ceremony


IV.Project Management

Project management is the responsibility of the Silver Archer USA Representation, which is entitled to ask for assistance in organizing the Competition from members of Russia’s diplomatic mission in the United States, as well as from public and professional organizations and associations. The Representation may set up working groups and advisory committees to discuss the methodology of the Competition. The powers of the Head of the Representation are defined in the Agreement between the Representation and the Executive Board of the Silver Archer National Award for Public Relations.

The Representation is responsible for:

  • Concluding the Cooperation Agreement with the Executive Directorate of the Silver Archer National Award for Public Relations;
  • Agreeing the schedule of events;
  • Resolving all technical, organizational and financial issues regarding the organization of events and the Awards Ceremony;
  • Attracting project authors to participate in the Competition;
  • Organizing the work of the Advisory Board;
  • Media relations; concluding cooperation agreements; informing the Executive Directorate of the Silver Archer National Award and members of the Board of Trustees on the progress of the Competition and the advertising campaign;
  • Developing a sponsorship package and working with partners;
  • Ensuring public awareness of the Competition terms and conditions;
  • Creating a database and archive of the Competition;
  • Compliance with the rights to all materials under the Silver Archer USA AWARDS;
  • Registering and drawing up guest lists for the Awards Ceremony.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of persons who are temporarily or permanently resident in the U.S. and held in high esteem by members of the Russian community, professional societies, and previous winners of the Competition.

Members of the Advisory Board discuss and approve the general rules of the Competition, and modify or supplement the list of categories, recommend projects for participation, clarify the evaluation criteria, and make recommendations to the Advisory Board through the Silver Archer USA Representation.

Advisory Board members do not participate in the peer review and do not have a say in determining the winners.

Expert Council

The Expert Group is made up of current members of the Expert Council of the Silver Archer National Award for Public Relations, fluent in English with professional knowledge and experience of international communications and living, practising, and teaching in Russia and elsewhere.

The Expert Council is responsible for conducting a peer review of the projects through an online voting system and for drawing up a rating sheet on which basis the winners are determined.

The final decision of the Expert Council may not be appealed after the vote is taken and recorded in the minutes of the general meeting.


V. Partners

Russian and international organizations and associations whose activities include international communications and public relations, regardless of status, ownership, and affiliation, may become a Partner. Such bodies include: government institutions (ministries and agencies), funds, commercial and non-profit organizations engaged in international activity.

Partners receive newsletters containing full information about the preparation and staging of the Competition, project participants, and the activity of working groups.

Partners have their logo and promotional information displayed in all Competition resources, including the official website and printed materials.

Partners are provided with a separate program, which may include additional options for participation in the advertising and information campaign and the Awards Ceremony.

An agreement on the Partner’s status and degree of cooperation in a particular category can be concluded with the Executive Directorate of the Silver Archer National Award for Public Relations, and with the Silver Archer USA Representation.