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Название проекта, автор, адресПроблематика
1. Meet the World

Bridge Builders of Anchorage (non-profit community organization)

Lourdes Linato-Crawford
Board President

PO BX 240294, Anchorage Alaska 99524 USA
(907) 250-6706

Imagine how wonderful it would be to live in a city where citizens of all cultures, all nationalities, all creeds, all life choices live in harmony. Bridge Builders of Anchorage strives to foster collaboration by respecting all diversity, by recognizing our differences that make us unique and be being aware and appreciative of our similarities. Our organization enhances positive attitudes and inclusion and encourages participation in community and volunteer opportunities to build a stronger, welcoming community that lives by our adage that "we are better together". One of our signature events is "Meet the World" usually held in February corresponding with the very Alaskan Fur Rendezvous Festival. We coordinate and facilitate this event sharing cultures and the diversity of Anchorage to fellow Anchoragites and out of town visitors. Some of the activities include but are not limited to a Parade of Nations, "destination tables" decked out with accoutrements and information by community organizations and cultural groups, traditional cultural entertainment and demonstrations. Opportunities for an International Market Place is a recent addition. The many Russian groups in Anchorage have been participants at "Meet the World" and at other Bridge Builders of Anchorage occasions.
2. Educational Exchange with Rossinca Dew Drop in San Jose: Это наш дом, где мы живём

Mission is Russian MIR Parents, Inc.

Valerie Ekberg-Brown
Board Vice President of Russian Immersion High School and Middle School Programs and Chair of Russian Exchange Committee

MIR Parents, Inc., 1500 W. Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99517
907 344-9317

•What is MIR Parents? MIR Parents is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the Mission of: 1. assisting the teachers/staff of Turnagain Elementary School, Romig Middle School, and West Anchorage High School on matters relating to the partial Russian Immersion Program, 2. fostering an understanding of the Russian Immersion Program within the school and community, and 3. supporting the extra-curricular education and exchange opportunities of the Russian Immersion Program students. What is supported by MIR? books & equipment and supplies; field trip buses; after school programs; certificates & O.W.L. awards, K-4 summer Russian day camp; exchange trip to Russian FEderation and hosting visiting exchange students, 6th/12th grade completion ceremonies and cultural events such as Grandfather Frost and Maslenitsa. •Currently we are working to develop a new project exchange with school and cultural center Rossinca/Dew Drop of Russian heritage speaker students in the Silicon Valley in San Jose, California with Russian Immersion Students at Turnagain Elementary School in Anchorage, Alaska. This combines a Russian historical tour of Alaska and California with the first exchange tentatively planned for spring of 2019. Russian American history runs deep in both of our states. Rossinca students are requesting to be hosted by Turnagain Elementary families of the Russian Immersion program in February when they can participate in the Alaskan activities of Fur Rondy including the Open
3. Ваучер на российский рыночный патриотизм


Анатолий Карпов

8326 Lefferts blvd apt 6E Kew Gardens 11415
917 7535458

Ваучер ( приватизационный чек) на российский рыночный патриотизм был разработан двумя советскими инженерами-предпринимателями. Он был выпущен, когда происходил процесс деления собственности бывшего СССР. Советский патриотизм остался в собственности коммунистической партии России. Ваучер показывает историческую конкурентоспособность России преодолевать трудности. Ваучер была создан для формирования рыночного сознания, снижения антиамериканизма и социально-политической поддержки российского национального бизнеса. Ваучер предназначен для граждан и конкурентов России. В настоящее время 50% доля ваучера принадлежит гражданину США. Voucher (privatization check) on the Russian market patriotism was developed by two Soviet engineers entrepreneurs. He was released when there was a process of division of property of the former USSR. Soviet patriotism remain the property of the Communist Party of Russia. The voucher shows the competitiveness of the historical Russia to overcome the difficulties. The voucher has been created to generate market awareness, reduce anti-Americanism and socio-political support for Russian national business. Voucher for citizens and Russian competitors. Currently, 50% share of the voucher belongs to a US citizen.